English Language Center

General Rules for Testing

The Rules are Simple:

If a teacher chooses to use the ELC Testing Center the following procedures should be followed.

  1. Students must arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled test time.
  2. Students must bring their BYU Photo ID with them.
  3. Cell phones and bags must be left in students’ lockers.
  4. Tests end promptly at 10 minutes before the hour. Students should arrive on time to avoid distracting others.
  5. Students may not bring any unapproved material (books, backpacks, papers, dictionaries, etc.) into the Testing Center. They can, however, bring a pen or pencil with them.
  6. Students are not allowed to talk during the administration of tests.
  7. Students are not allowed to leave the room for any reason (including a bathroom break) unless it is an emergency.
  8. If students have questions about instructions on the test they may ask the proctor for clarification but no questions can be asked about specific test items. Teachers are encouraged to review test instructions with the class prior to the exam.
  9. Discussion of test content with other ELC students before, during or after the test is not allowed.
  10. Students should remain focused on their tests alone. Listening to or viewing another test-taker's test is not allowed.