English Language Center

Academic Vocabulary Class Testing


Students will learn to recognize and use the Academic Word list through independent study and use in all of their classes. Information for this class will be given through the reading teachers.


Citizenship grades will be pass/fail and will be determined solely by taking the tests on Friday. We do NOT administer late tests, however, you can miss up to 3 tests without having any effect on your student status. If you miss 4 or more, your ability to return to the ELC for another semester is in jeopardy.

Scores on the vocabulary test are for your benefit and to help you know the words you need to study to improve your academic vocabulary. We encourage you to review the words that you miss in order to know what you should continue to study. At the end of the semester you will take an Academic Word List LAT. The weekly tests will prepare you for that final exam.

Fall 2013 Test Dates

September1 9/13Test 1
2 9/20Test 2
3 9/27Test 3
October4 10/4Test 4
5 10/11Test 5
6 10/18Test 6
7 10/25Test 7
November8 11/1Test 8
9 11/8Test 9
10 11/15 Test 10
11 11/22 Test 11
12 11/29Thanksgiving Break - No Tests
December13 12/6Test 12
14 12/11-12 Level Achievement Tests

Test Location

Academic A, B, and CRooms 201-205 UPC


Answer/Test Review Session

On the Monday after each vocabulary test, you can meet to investigate which questions you missed and receive limited instruction on those words. Attending this session will help you better prepare for the vocabulary LAT.

Academic A, B, and C 366 UPC 2:45 pm–3:15 pm