English Language Center

BYU English Language Center Scholarships

Please Note:

  1. Scholarships are given as tuition refunds. As such, refunds are made with the same method used to pay tuition such as check or card, and funds are returned to the individual who paid the tuition such as a sponsor, parents, or the student.
  2. Scholarships are only available to currently enrolled students after successful completion of at least one semester at the ELC. Students may apply multiple semesters and may simultaneously apply for each scholarship for which they qualify. However, students can only receive one award per semester.

Ito Scholarship Excellence Scholarship

This half-tuition scholarship is named for Tatsunari and Dan Ito, who studied at the ELC from 2010-2011 (for more information click here). This half-tuition scholarship is awarded to one student each semester who demonstrates similar qualities as the Ito brothers. In order to qualify for the Ito Scholarship, applicants should:

  1. Have excellent citizenship grades
  2. Demonstrate a commitment to learning by speaking English and encourage others to do so
  3. Be cheerful, optimistic, and persevering
  4. Serve, motivate, and inspire others at the ELC
  5. Fully participate at the ELC. This might include working with tutors, participating in English for Lunch and other ELC activities, getting ELC Thank-you cards, and so on

This $500 scholarship is for students who have demonstrated excellence in their English language learning. All ELC students in good standing that are returning to study the next semester will be considered for this award. There is no application, but students will be evaluated based on these characteristics:

  1. Have excellent citizenship grades
  2. Have excellent proficiency grades (this includes excellent course grades as well as excellent grades on the LATs)
  3. Contribute to an excellent language learning environment and community at the ELC. This could include being a good example of speaking English whenever possible, encouraging others to speak English, working with tutors, attending English for Lunch and other ELC activities, and maintaining a positive attitude that benefits fellow students.
Returned Missionary Scholarship

This is a $500 scholarship for returned missionaries. It was established through the donations of very generous individuals who want to help ELC Students who have served an LDS mission. In order to qualify, applicants must:

  1. Be a returned missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  2. Be a candidate for an undergraduate degree at BYU (those wishing to pursue a graduate degree may apply, but those applying to undergraduates will be given priority)
  3. Be placed into Academic courses (Academic A - University Prep) the semester the scholarship is awarded
  4. Have excellent citizenship and proficiency grades
  5. Demonstrate why the study of English is important for future goals

Students can get more information about these scholarships in Room 103. Students may apply for scholarships the last three weeks of the semester.