COVID-19 Important Updates

Class Preparation (Monday, March 16) : Bring your phone, tablet, or computer along with a set of headphones to class on Monday. Also bring your home address, current phone number, and current email address.

Classes on Monday: During class on Monday your teacher will help you learn how to use the online conference tool for instruction. Your teacher will also discuss any changes to the course Syllabi and review any important announcements.

Tuesday: Online Classes start at 8:15 am. Don't be late!

LATS: We will still have LATs at the end of the semester. Whether those will be done online or at the ELC is yet to be determined.

Cancelled Activities: All other activities and gatherings at the ELC have been cancelled.

Immigration Status: The U.S. government’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) has informed us that U.S. universities can teach classes online for international students because of COVID-19. Your immigration status in the U.S. will not change. You will be allowed to stay in the USA and complete your ELC courses electronically without attending on campus classes.

The University Will Stay Open and so will the ELC: Even though the method of instruction has changes, ELC office will remain open during regular business hours. You can come to the ELC to use the wifi and computer lab to do your online course work. Lab attendants will be available to help you with your online course work. Office hour schedules are cancelled, but you can set up appointments with your teachers to meet with them at the ELC for office hours.

Provo is Safe: We strongly encourage you to stay in Utah to complete your course work. Utah is probably one of the safest locations during times like this. We also encourage you to keep your summer plans to attend the ELC.

Vacation Changes: If you wish to cancel your summer vacation and attend classes instead, you may do so. Please Contact Anna’s office.

I-20 Extensions: Anna Bailey’s office is still preparing I-20 extensions. Extended I-20’s will be available in approximately 2-3 weeks. Students will be emailed when their new I-20 form is ready and asked if they want to pick up their I-20 in 4056 JFSB in person or they provide a mailing address in the United States, and we will mail the I-20 forms. Contact information:; 801 422-2691; 4056 JFSB; Hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Monday-Friday)