Finals Information

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All students are REQUIRED to take the Level Acheivement Tests (LATs). Failure to take the LATs will result in failing proficiency grades for all classes and may result in dismissal from the ELC.

To prepare for the LAT, you should review what you have studied in class.

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The Tuesday before tesing is the last day you can:

  • Use the Computer Lab and SASC
  • Return books and materials to the SASC without paying a late fee.

After Tuesday, the labs will be closed to administer the LATs. During the semester break, the labs will remain closed. You may use the labs in the WSC and the HBLL to check your email. The Computer Lab and SASC will open the first day of the following semester.

Before taking the LATs, you must:

  • Return all books to the SASC.
  • Pay all late fees.

You should also talk to your teachers about your final citizenship and proficiency grades to make sure that you have turned in all your assignments. Remember that your citizenship grades determine if you may return to the ELC and your grades must be higher than 3.0 in all 4 classes.

On the day of the Computerized LATs you must:

  • Come to the lobby no later than the posted Start Time (see the schedule).
  • Bring your BYU ID & a pencil.
  • NOT bring any bags or books (leave them in your locker).

While you are taking the test, you should:

  • Not talk to other students.
  • Only talk to teachers if you have questions.
  • Not look at another student’s computer screen/bubble sheet.
  • Not take notes or write anything down (unless instructed otherwise.)

Or you will receive a “0” on the test.

Finals will NOT be administered EARLY

Examinations are not given early. These exam days are firmly scheduled parts of the semester; you must not make plans that interfere with this important academic activity.

Finals will NOT be administered LATE

If you arrive after the posted start time, you will not be allowed to take the test unless you pay a late fee (up to $20).

If illness or other uncontrollable circumstances prevent you from taking an examination on the scheduled day, you are responsible to inform Ms. Barlow (119 UPC, 422-4042) as soon as possible. If you are allowed to take the LAT, you will have to pay a late fee (up to $20). Please note that travel plans are not “uncontrollable circumstances.”

The results of the LATs and grades will be available a week from the Friday the exams were administered.

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