Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the ELC’s response to the COVID-19 restrictions:

What safety measures are in place for the semester?

  • Masks are required in the University Parkway Center, including in shared offices.
  • Teachers can wear face shields and maintain 6ft physical distance to ensure safety and enhance the students’ ability to understand instructions.
  • Desks are arranged 6ft apart. Classrooms are expanded to allow physical distancing.
  • Sanitization stations are placed throughout the building and supplies will be provided for classrooms.
  • Classrooms are marked with “Enter” and “Exit” signs to control traffic.
  • Signs are placed on the main office (103) floor to control the flow of traffic.
  • We need to be prepared to move back to remote instruction at any point during the semester. While we hope this will not be the case, we are confident that the transition will be much smoother than Winter 2020 and that you will continue to provide quality language learning opportunities for your students throughout the semester, come what may.

How will these measures impact typical procedures at the ELC?

  • Office assignments have been changed to reduce the number of teachers per room. This will also allow your office to be a “mask-free” zone more frequently when you are working there alone.
  • Office hours are not required to be held in person or in a specific place as in past semesters.
    • This does NOT mean you do not need to hold office hours. You are still compensated for that time, and your students still benefit from it. This just means that you have flexibility in how you choose to provide that assistance in a safe and meaningful way.
  • All teacher books will be checked out directly in room 103 rather than the previous system.
  • The computer lab times will be assigned rather than scheduled by teachers.
  • One of the chromebook labs will still be available for scheduling
  • The testing center is also assigned rather than scheduled by teachers.
  • There are only 3 grade report periods because of the shortened semester.

How will this impact the classroom?

  • Class time has been extended. This time should be used to facilitate more meaningful practice of the language in the classroom.
  • Teaching with a mask/shield on can make it difficult to hear. You will need to project your teacher voice more than usual.
  • ALL materials used in class should also be available online.
  • Any materials handed out in class should go directly from teacher to individual students rather than passed around the room.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring the safety of your students in the classroom. Please encourage them to follow the expectations so that we can enjoy meeting together all semester.
  • We will need to be more creative in the way we do group work and conversation partners.
  • Homework time has been reduced to offset the increased in class time.
    • Listening & Speaking: 1 short prompt or listening exercise a day
    • Writing: 1 journal prompt or minimal essay work each day
    • Reading: 30 minutes a day
    • Grammar: No required workbook exercises, collaborate any homework with another skill area

What happens if I need to go into quarantine or isolation during the semester?

Please be extra cautious this semester. If you are feeling ill at all, please do not risk coming to the ELC and exposing our community.

Quarantine: you have been exposed to the virus, but you are not sick

  • If you are exposed to the virus and need to quarantine, please contact Karina Jackson as soon as possible.
  • You will be able to provide your lessons over Zoom while your students meet in person. Someone will be there in person to facilitate any activities.
  • We want to have the consistency of you providing the class, to provide the interaction for the students attending in person, and to not have to reduce your contract hours if possible.

Isolation: you have tested positive for the virus

  • If you wake up feeling sick, please follow the usual procedure for emergency substitutes as outlined in the teacher’s handbook.
  • You should have an emergency substitute plan that can be implemented at any time in the semester.
  • All teachers have submitted substitute schedules so we can easily provide a substitute.
  • If you test positive and are symptomatic, the emergency sub will become a long-term substitute. Your contract hours will be adjusted for those days.

What if my student misses class because of sickness?

Again, we want our students to be extra cautious this semester. Because of that, we are not promoting perfect attendance by recognizing it at the end of the semester. We are also encouraging students to stay home even if they don’t yet have a doctor’s note to excuse them.

  • Students will communicate directly with Sandy if they wake up feeling sick. They have 24 hours to report a missed class due to sickness. They should also communicate with their teachers.
  • If the student misses a second day, a doctor’s note is required​
  • Students can have 9 excused absences in a semester​
  • In quarantine: Provide your students with a link to watch the class via zoom. You can do this using your computer camera, web cams provided by the ELC, or even with your smartphone.
  • In isolation: Do not require any work from your students during the time they are in isolation. Students have a 2 week grace period after they return to complete the missing assignments.