Lesson 9

Personal Vignettes

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Objective: To be able to write a short vignette about a friend or oneself.


Most people have to fill out applications many times throughout their lives. There are job applications, credit card applications, loan applications, school admission application s and applications for government services. An application filled out completely contains a lot of information about the applicant. See Appendix for application samples.

Activity 1

Write a paragraph about John Rivers. See Appendix for completed form. It can start out with, "John C. Rivers applied for a credit account at Sears on July 7, 1983." In your paragraph include information about where he lives now, where he used to live, how long he has lived in different places, what kind of job he has and where he works, how old he is, etc.

Activity 2

Now fill out an application for yourself. See Appendix for samples. Can you write a short history of yourself from the information on the application? Imagine you could design an application for a husband, wife, or child. What kind of information would you require? Make a list of questions, such as name, birthdate, birthplace, etc.

Activity 3

Have students interview a friend and with the information from the interview fill out as much of an application as possible or vice versa. (Have your friend fill out the application and then write his history).
Additional suggestions for activities:

a. Write short vignettes about people performing each of the jobs advertised and have students match the vignette with the ad.
b. Have students pair off and make up dialogs of interviews for each of the jobs advertised and have the rest of the class try to correctly identify the ad. The class could also decide in each case whether the person should be hired or not.