Lesson 3

Daily Activities

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Visual aides for Lesson 3
Objective: To be able to recount the events of the day.


Juan Gomez wakes up at six o'clock every morning. He gets up, takes a shower, gets dressed, and eats breakfast. After breakfast he reads the newspaper until 7:15, then he leaves for work. He gets on the bus at the bus stop, rides it to University Avenue, gets off, and walks to his office. He works until five o'clock. He usually goes and plays basketball with friends after work. Then he goes home. Juan leads a very boring life.

Practice 1: Following the Sequence

Juan Gomez wakes up at six o'clock,
then he gets up,
then he takes a shower,
then he gets dressed,
then he eats breakfast,
then he reads the newspaper,
then he leaves for work,
then he rides the bus to University Avenue,
then he gets off,
then he walks to his office,
then he works all day,
then he plays basketball with his friends,
then he goes home,
then he watches TV, and
then he goes to bed.

Practice 2: Rewrite

Rewrite the narrative replacing Juan Gomez with "I" and making any other necessary changes.

Practice 3: Rewrite

Rewrite the narrative with "I" and change the facts in the narrative to apply to your situation. Read your narrative to the class.

Practice 4: Question-Response

T: What time do you get up?
S: I get up at __________.
T: What do you do after you get up?
S: I take a bath.
T: What do you do after you take a bath?
S: I get dressed.

Practice 5: Vocabulary Expansion

Iusuallyget up at 6:00 o'clock.
 sometimesgo to work
 always go to bed

Practice 6: Substitution

Do you ever get up at 6:00?
Does he?
Does she?
Do they?

Practice 7: Question-Response

T: Does Juan Gomez ever get up at 6:00?
S: Yes, he does. He usually gets up at 6:00.
T: Does he ever get up at 8:00?
S: No, he doesn't. He never gets up at 8:00.

Practice 8: Controlled Conversation

T: (Student 1), ask (Student 2) if he ever gets up at 6:00.
S.1: Do you ever get up at 6:00?
S.2: Yes, I do.
T: What did he say?
S.1: He said that he does.

Practice 9: Listening Comprehension-Riddle

Jim Smith lives on the eighth floor of an apartment building and works as a clerk in a large department store. Every day he gets up at 7:30 a.m., eats breakfast, and leaves his apartment at about 8:30 a.m. He gets on the elevator on the eighth floor, goes down to the first floor, gets off, gets in his car and drives to work. In the afternoon he drives home, gets on the elevator, goes up to the sixth floor, gets off, and walks up the stairs to his apartment.

Why does Jim get off at the sixth floor on the way home? Students may ask yes/no questions for additional clues.

Does Jim have a friend on the sixth floor?
Does Jim need exercise?
Does the elevator just go up to the sixth floor?
Answer: Jim is a midget.