Activities to do the First Week

By Rochelle Keogh

The first few days of class can be hard to plan. If you are unsure about your students' expectations or proficiency level, it is especially difficult. But . . . the first few days are also the most important. They can make or break the atmosphere in your classroom. The ideas listed below are designed to help you get to know your students (and help them get to know each other) as quickly as possible and establish a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. Students, especially in a community program like ours, who feel that language learning will be enjoyable and comfortable will learn the best.

Use these activities to get you started. They can be adapted for many levels, or can be a source to spark your OWN creative ideas! The most important thing to remember is that your students are apprehensive and may feel uncomfortable at first. Put them at ease and most importantly, sell yourself! Let them know that you are a good teacher and that the lessons and activities they participate in for your class will help them learn English. Good luck, and have fun!

The most important thing to remember the first few days is to be confident and in control of your class and at the same time make learning English enjoyable for your students. Easier said than done!! Good Luck!